How to Make the Perfect Christmas Wreath

September 16, 2019 3:45 pm


christmas wreath

A wreath on your front door at Christmas can make your home look welcoming and festive. Making your own Christmas wreath is easier than you think, and choosing which embellishments to add will mean that it stands out from mass-produced Christmas decorations. Choose which of the most popular wreath-making techniques to use and let your imagination run free.

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Wiring Materials to a Frame

Wire frames are very versatile and can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are aiming to create a delicate wreath, choose a single wire frame, but otherwise select a double wire frame that will support heavy materials such as citrus fruits, cones and greenery.

Using a single length of florist’s wire, attach small bundles of evergreen cuttings to the frame. Overlap these by half and continue around the frame until the whole structure is covered. When you get to the end, leave a few inches of wire and trim it off. Twist the wire end around itself and into a loop to hang the wreath from.

Using a Rounded Base

You may prefer to pad your wire wreath with straw to create a rounded form. This involves a little more work, and you need to tie the materials neatly to the wire at regular intervals. Leaves and other materials can then be attached to the base using floral pins.

Whichever base you choose, a wreath will enhance your door – whether it is made from solid wood or already benefits from double glazing in Gloucester. According to Carbon Brief, increasing the energy-efficiency of their homes could save homeowners hundreds of pounds each year, so you might want to consider this.

Add Embellishments to Your Wreath

Choose any embellishments you like to add interest to your Christmas wreath. You could add ribbons, fruits, nuts, bells or baubles. If you have a particular theme in mind, choose items that fit with this. A really natural look can be created simply by using pine cones and citrus fruits.

The embellishments can be attached by wiring them to the wreath or using a glue gun for lighter items. If you want to add a little shimmer to your wreath, spray cones or leaves lightly with silver or gold paint before attaching them to the wreath.